Chef Suggestions

1. Red duck curry

Roast duck, with red curry paste, green bean, bamboo shoots,
capsicums, vegetables and basil leaves in coconut milk.


2. Roast duck

Crispy roast duck grilled and served with stir fried vegetables and
sweet soy sauce.


3. Ginger Fish

Fish stir fried with fresh ginger, onions, shallots, capsicum and


4. Sweet & sour fish


5. Chilli fish

Fish stir fried fresh chilli and vegetables in sweet chilli sauce.


6. Snow pea king prawn & pork

Prawn and pork stir fried with fresh snow pea with Thai sauce


7. Cashew nut duck

Stir fried roasted duck with cashew nuts and vegetable in spicy


8. Panang fish curry

Fish fillet cooked in panang curry paste, green beans, zucchini and
lime leaves in thick coconut milk topped with chopped peanuts.


• Basil duck New!!


• Pad Pong Karee Seafood New!!

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